Contacts (2016/2017)  Charlotte Akers (caa49) Julia Salonen (jks64)   Facebook page:   link    Facebook group:   link

Contacts (2016/2017)
Charlotte Akers (caa49)
Julia Salonen (jks64)

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Facebook group: link

Cavendish Chronicle

‘In many ways, the Cavendish Chronicle has encouraged Lucy Cavendish students and staff to pick up the pen, to dare get splattered with ink, to fasten ideas and thoughts onto paper, thereby immortalizing our presence at Lucy Cavendish. Often, these records echo the whole spectrum of experiences: from endless meals at Warburton, countless captivating talks and their associated insights, all the way down to ever-present hilarious chats, awkward moments, and a wide range of memories. We are, precisely, where pen meets paper.’ – Mara González Souto on 25 February 2016, (read whole piece here).

Each issue features a vast variety of pieces, loosely based under the following sections:

  • Culture
  • Health and Well-being
  • Science and Technology
  • Fiction
  • Politics and Commentary
  • Travel and Events
  • Visual Art submissions

The magazine’s success is based on the fact that here in Lucy we are lucky enough to have students from such a wide variety of backgrounds, with so many different experience, expertise, and points of view. This is an amazing and easy opportunity to write about what matters to you, or even just to share a funny anecdote! We are also hoping this year for the chronicle to venture into new territory, with increasing interest from other colleges to receive copies, so let’s show them what Lucy is made of!