Clubs and Societies

Clubs and societies are a great way to get to meet other students in College and provide a brilliant opportunity to take a well needed break from busy Cambridge life. Lucy Cavendish has many active clubs and societies and hopefully something to cater for all interests and tastes. All of the society representatives will be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in joining or have any questions. The full range of Cambridge societies, along with contact details, can be found here – you might be surprised at what you find!

If you can't see a club that interests you, check out our frequently asked questions on how to start a new one. If you're missing your own society on this page, please contact us so we can set up your information here. 

  Contacts (2016/2017):  Shoko Hirosue (sh822)   Facebook page:   link

Contacts (2016/2017):
Shoko Hirosue (sh822)

Facebook page: link


The society was set up in November 2016 to create and cultivate a vibrant art community at Lucy Cavendish College, through fun and friendly painting, craft sessions and trips to exhibitions. We hope to provide more opportunities for College members to be involved in creative activities; just what you need to make you feel happy and relaxed. 

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Welcome to the Hughes-Lucy Badminton Club page! My name is Zen and I will be the Captain for the club this year. Shaan is the Lucy Cavendish Representative and will help me manage the Lucy side of things.

We are a fairly large, active club that plays twice a week: Thursdays from 9 to 10pm at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre for ‎£1.20, and Sundays at St Luke’s Barn near Histon Road from 7 to 9pm for free.  Read more

  Contacts (2016/2017)  Shaan Sahota (ss2289)   Facebook page:   link

Contacts (2016/2017)
Shaan Sahota (ss2289)

Facebook page: link

  Contacts (2016/2017)  Polytimi Frangou (Captain, pf319) April Bowman (President, ab2135)   Facebook page:   link

Contacts (2016/2017)
Polytimi Frangou (Captain, pf319)
April Bowman (President, ab2135)

Facebook page: link

Boat Club

Rowing is an intrinsic part of University life at Cambridge, and Lucy Cavendish is no exception. Every year, novices sign up in Fresher’s Week, and before they know it, we’re putting them through their paces, getting ready for all the exciting Michaelmas Term races, which include the fancy dress Emma Sprints... Read more

Cambridge RAG

Cambridge RAG is a student society at the University of Cambridge that raises in the region of £100,000 each year for charities of the students' choosing.

RAG achieves this amazing amount by organising a number of high-profile university-wide events and smaller college events. If you want to go on a blind date, climb Kilimanjaro or test your blagging skills by trying to get as far away from Cambridge as possible in only 36 hours, RAG can help you! Read more

  Contacts (2016/2017)  Julia Nielsen (jn352) Charlotte Akers-Dunphy (caa49)   Facebook page:   link

Contacts (2016/2017)
Julia Nielsen (jn352)
Charlotte Akers-Dunphy (caa49)

Facebook page: link

  Contacts (2017/2018)  Nadezda Volkova (nv286)

Contacts (2017/2018)
Nadezda Volkova (nv286)

cavendish chorale

Cavendish Chorale is a friendly student choir that welcomes female voices from all colleges, with and without previous experience. We sing a variety of everything, from classics to musicals to pop, directed by Chloe Allison from Selwyn College.

  • Undergraduate, postgraduate, upper voices, Chamber Choir
  • One rehearsal a week at 7.30-9pm on Wednesdays in the Music Pavilion
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Cavendish chronicle

‘In many ways, the Cavendish Chronicle has encouraged Lucy Cavendish students and staff to pick up the pen, to dare get splattered with ink, to fasten ideas and thoughts onto paper, thereby immortalizing our presence at Lucy Cavendish. Often, these records echo the whole spectrum of experiences: from endless meals at Warburton, countless captivating talks and their associated insights, all the way down to ever-present hilarious chats... Read more

  Contacts (2016/2017)  Charlotte Akers (caa49) Tanya Brown (tcb37)   Facebook page:   link    Facebook group:   link

Contacts (2016/2017)
Charlotte Akers (caa49)
Tanya Brown (tcb37)

Facebook page: link

Facebook group: link

  Contacts (2016/2017)  Laura Brandt (ltlb2)   Facebook page:   link

Contacts (2016/2017)
Laura Brandt (ltlb2)

Facebook page: link


The Churchill-LucyCav-Christ’s women’s football association is in the first division of the University league and participates in the Cup and all the league games. The association offers weekly games, training with our very own coach, and social activities.

The Lucy team is merged with Christ’s College and... Read more

  Contacts (2017/2018)  Julia Leino (jks64) Aimee Moon (ad847)  Facebook page:  link

Contacts (2017/2018)
Julia Leino (jks64)
Aimee Moon (ad847)

Facebook page: link

LADS (Lucy Amateur Dramatic Society)

The drama society of Lucy Cavendish College, LADS (Lucy Amateur Dramatic Society) was born out of a desire to provide a space for and to present artistically ambitious productions that would not perhaps otherwise get performed in Cambridge. We aim to foster theatre that is diverse and inclusive, outspoken and unafraid, seeking to impact and have a dialogue with the society around us. And also fun.


Lucy Cavendish Law Society welcomes all lawyers in the College. Our members include first-time undergraduates, affiliated students, LLM, MCL and PhD students from all over the world.

Every term the Law Society organizes different events. Some of our past events... Read more

  Contacts (2016/2017)  Amiya Mehra (Rep, am2187) Emma Walter (VP, ew433)   Facebook page:   Lucy Cavendish Law Society  and  Lucy Lawyers

Contacts (2016/2017)
Amiya Mehra (Rep, am2187)
Emma Walter (VP, ew433)

Facebook page: Lucy Cavendish Law Society and Lucy Lawyers


Lucy BrainSTEMMs

Contacts (2016/2017)
Oshi Abeyakoon (ova20)
Polytimi Frangou (pf319)

Lucy's lashes

Contacts (2017/2018)
Maddy Suman (mams5)


  Contact (2016/17)  President, Della Murton (dkf20)

Contact (2016/17)
President, Della Murton (dkf20)

Matured Students’ Society

This society is aimed at those women who have returned to education having previously been permanently employed or had a career break to have children.  Often we are juggling family or other commitments with our studies, which can be challenging.  Also, returning to university after a break, or perhaps even for the first time in later... Read more


Lucy students are welcome to join the Hughes Hall Netball club.

Contact (2016/2017)
Charlotte Akers-Dunphy (caa49)


  Contacts (2016/2017)   Cherish Watton (clw74)

Contacts (2016/2017) 
Cherish Watton (clw74)

Period drama society

We are a group of Lucy Cavendish students who enjoy watching period drama. We welcome you to join us on an evening to allow you to wind down from your day in a quiet yet sociable environment before bed or for a well deserved break before continuing to study. We hope to get... Read more

Hill's Colleges Rugby Team

College rugby is a super fun way to give rugby a go, on a more casual basis than the university wide teams. Being part of a rugby team is great fun, brilliant fitness and a fab way to meet new people!

We run “Development days” in Michaelmas term where you come along to Grange Road rugby... Read more

  Contacts (2016/2017)  Marta (Captain for Hill’s Colleges Team) Laura (Colleges Rep for University Rugby, ln288)

Contacts (2016/2017)
Marta (Captain for Hill’s Colleges Team)
Laura (Colleges Rep for University Rugby, ln288)

tHE Lucy cavendish singers

Since their first public concert in 2009, the Lucy Cavendish Singers have been capturing the hearts and minds of audiences with their vibrant performances and imaginative programmes. Performing entirely from memory, the Singers bring enormous commitment and spontaneity to their songs. 

Ultimate Frisbee

Do you like running? Do you like throwing things? Do you like running while throwing things at people or having things thrown at you? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then Ultimate Frisbee is for you, and at Magdalene, our team - the New Thundercatz - now have a larger presence than ever before.
Ultimate is a fast-paced, exciting team game played with a flying disc and no referee, depending on... Read more

   Contacts (2016/2017)  Seán Herron (sth30) Jackson Woodruff (jcw78)

Contacts (2016/2017)
Seán Herron (sth30)
Jackson Woodruff (jcw78)


Varsity ski trip

Contacts (2016/2017)
Lucy Jones (lej35)

vets and medics

Welcome to the Lucy Vets and Medics Society! The aims of this society are to both support your academic work with resources, and talks later in the year, as well as to create a social network – particularly in the MVST years.
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  Contacts (2016/2017)  Chloe Gamlin (cg551)

Contacts (2016/2017)
Chloe Gamlin (cg551)


Women in Politics

Women in Politics is a society without any particular political or ideological point of view, a place to debate about and work for the place of women in international and national activism and politics. Do women act differently when...Read more