College Support

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Your allocated Tutor's role is to support you throughout the year with any issues you might have. If any problems or questions arise, your Tutor is often the first person you should contact.

  • General support; financial advice, mental health help, personal concerns
  • Will help you find further help, has information about all the other services
  • On call for emergencies during full term weekends, ask the Porter's Lodge for contact details 
  • You can contact any of the tutors, not just your designated tutor

All Tutors have regular drop in sessions, and you can contact them via email or phone in order to arrange a meeting.


director of studies

All undergraduates have a Director of Studies who will provide you academic support, regardless whether they are based in Lucy Cavendish or not.

  • For any concerns & questions related to your course or academic welfare

You can contact your DoS by email, and they will also be happy to schedule a meeting with you. 


The college's senior tutor, Dr. Jane Greatorex (as of Michaelmas 2017), oversees all college tutors and DoS'es.

  • For concerns or complaints about your Tutor or Director of Studies, in cases where your own tutor cannot or is not helping
  • Email:

College counsellor 

In addition to the University Counselling Service, Lucy Cav has a counsellor on site on Thursdays during full term: Polly Brown. 

  • For mental health support and personal problems
  • You can book to see either the counsellor or someone at the UCS offices in town using their webpage:, and filling in the student pre-counselling form.
  • More information on the college website 



The porters will help you with any practical matters and emergency situations. They are all first aid trained, and will direct you to whoever you need. You can usually find them at the Porters' Lodge in front of Oldham Hall, but if the plodge is closed there is a phone number attached to the front door that you can call. 

On duty 8am - 1am Mondays to Fridays, 8am - midnight Saturdays and Sundays

Emergency contact on the Lodge door outside these hours


Phone +44 (0) 1223 332190


College FAMILY 

When you start your degree at Lucy, you will be sorted into a college family. Your college family is there to support and guide you, making sure you always have a friendly face in college.

  • For personal problems and questions 
  • For some fun and social interaction

If you are unsure who your college family members are, email


It is a main purpose of the SU to support student welfare. If you notice an issue that you think is a structural problem within the college, we can help to raise those issues for you.

  • For structural problems and suggestions 
  • Visit our contact page to make an anonymous and/or general suggestion, or reach our to a specific officer