College Life

Can I borrow beds for guests staying overnight in my room?

Yes! The SU has five portable beds which you can borrow for a maximum of three nights for £3 per night, or £10 for three nights. Ask at the Porters’ Lodge – they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I buy Lucy Cavendish branded items and clothing?

Yes! Various items, from t-shits and hoodies to sweets and pens, are available at the Porters’ Lodge. We on the SU have a special responsibility for sweatshirts, which we are just in the process of ordering and selling as part of the upcoming college merchandise webshop. Reach out to our finance officer for any merch-related questions.

Does Lucy have some kind of punting deal?

Yes! Lucians can take out punts on loan from our neighbour St. John's College. Bring your uni card to the St. Johns back plodge and pay £5/h. The SU is supporting your punting adventure with a monthly fee, as the price would normally be £10. Night-punting also!

What is the Easter quiet period?

During Easter term most undergraduates will be taking exams. In order to enforce an atmosphere of concentration the College quietens down for the most of this period. This means no loud social events, and a general working peace for everyone. However, as the SU Committee is aware that not everyone is furiously studying for exams and that the mood of the term can feel oppressive and stressful in itself to some, we have made the decision to make the Common Room a study-free and social space for relaxation and socialising particularly during this term.

What is the MCC?

The MMC or Minimum Meal Charge is paid at the beginning of the Michaelmas term, and it is money that you can use for buying food at the Dining Hall with your University Card (the thing with your face on it that lets you into places). Lucy does not have minimum kitchen charge, like some of the other colleges, but this is our equivalent - the difference being that you can actually use the money for food!