Events and Social Stuff

Where can I find out what social events are happening in college?

Check your printed term card which we leave in your pigeon hole each term, or check out our events page.

Who organises college events?

Luckily, there are many Lucians who are keen to make Lucy a social space. In the SU, the ents (entertainments) team is always a main port of contact for events planning, but many SU officers plan events within their different areas. The college also plans college-wide events such as the annual Garden Party, which includes alumni and other guests. The college has an events committee that meets up every term to discuss college events.

How can I organise an event?

If you have an idea for an event, you can get in touch with a relevant SU officer and she can help you make it a reality. If you are interested in SU funding, the relevant officer may be able to bring forward a funding proposal for you.

Consider applying for a position on the SU!

We also think it's crucial for college to host their own events, especially in exam term. If you have ideas for welfare events you can go straight to the senior tutor.

What are "bops", and who are they for?

Bops are themed college parties, short for "big organised party". Lucy is getting quite well-known for these - we have lately reached maximum capacity with queues outside, had our themes stolen (we take it as a compliment), and others cancel their bops to come to ours instead. Most of the people who attend our bops are MCR members from other colleges (meaning they aren't 17-year-olds undergrads who come to hook up). Most colleges host MCR bops and we are no different. Bops are open to everyone - grads and undergrads, singles and couples alike.

How often is the college bar open?

Check out our bar page for more information.

What is formal hall?

Formal hall is a formal dinner hosted once a week in the dining hall, featuring gowns, gongs and a latin prayer (very Cambridge). These are part of the unique Cambridge experience, and some even try to attend a formal at all 31 colleges during their time here.

How do I join a formal swap?

Check out our formal swap page. You might also like to join the Cambridge Formal Marketplace Facebook group for some independent formal planning.

Does Lucy have any special traditions or events?

We do! If you haven't yet started your degree, you will get a full run-down of events during summer, before coming to the annual Freshers' Week.

What are May Balls and June Events?

The go-to website is here. Colleges and Societies often organise a ball or a party at the end of the academic year, usually in June. May Balls are the most exquisite type of events, usually with black tie dress code. They provide live music and other sorts of entertainment and usually last until early hours of morning. June Events and Garden Parties are a smaller-scale and more affordable version of May Balls, but they are still great to attend. Not all colleges hosts events like these.

Does Lucy Cavendish have a big annual event?

Yes! From 2017 onwards the Lucy Cavendish SU selects a committee for organising a Garden Party in June. The Committee members are selected in late October/November, so keep an eye out for when the applications open. It is a great opportunity to gain experience not only in organizing a big event, but also to get to know people and - most importantly - have fun!