What characterises a Lucy student?

The beauty of Lucy is that there's no real answer to this question. We are 370 students from over 60 countries, and many have done gap-years, work experience or even have full careers behind them. There are fascinating life stories everywhere. What we do have in common is that we're all outstanding women who are resourceful enough to be accepted to Cambridge.

Being a mature college, what is the average age of a Lucy student?

The age limit to count as a mature student is currently 21. The Lucy student average age is 22.

How does Lucy compare to other colleges in terms of academic performance?

If you've used Google to make college comparisons, you will most likely have noticed a thing called the Tompkins Table. This is a ranking system between Cambridge colleges based on the class marks of a college's students, which has been widely criticised. Nonetheless, Lucy climbed three places last year and had some of our students be top of their year. In certain subjects such as HSPS, Lucy students are known to be among the strongest in the university. This fall we'll be welcoming four Gates Scholars and our fellows and students continue to win prizes, such as best performance in a paper, best dissertation, and best research presentation. There is a clear upward trend in academic performance within the college.

The college and SU are currently collating a list of student achievement and prizes for the college's main website that will give you a better idea of our achievements. Have you won a prize that you'd like to be included? Please contact Kate Coghlan.

What is the Lucy standard of teaching like?

Once you get accepted to Cambridge, your degree is organised through the university faculties and departments rather than through college. This means that all Cambridge students get the same level of education. You will have a college-based Director of Studies who assigns your supervisors, but these supervisors can come from all colleges. Nonetheless, having a Lucy-based teacher would be a privilege; our staff have won several uni-wide teaching prizes, such as best supervisor, best lecturer, and the Pilkington Prize for outstanding teaching.

Is Lucy Cavendish friends with any of the other Colleges?

Yes! Lucy is known to be friends with the other mature colleges in Cambridge, but we are increasingly reaching out and bonding with more colleges. At the moment, we have several joint societies with other colleges, including a boat club and badminton society with Hughes Hall. We also organise a joint May Ball with Hughes at the end of the year. Formal Hall swaps are hosted on a regular basis all around town, including Christs, Emmanuel, Sidney Sussex and Magdalene. Other colleges' members are also known to come to our bops and social events, which have garnered a great reputation (read more under events and social stuff).