IT & Communication

What is a pigeon hole?

This is your physical mailbox in college, which you'll be assigned when you get here.

How do I access my Cambridge email and Raven password?

Have a look at this for more information or contact the IT staff in college.

How do I subscribe to the SU newsletter?

We send out our newsletter to all students on the Lucy Cavendish mailing lists, which means you will be added automatically. If you haven't received our emails, reach out to our Internal Communications Officer who will help sort it out for you.

How do mailing lists work for Lucy Cavendish?

All students are subscribed to one of the College mailing lists: lcc-ugs and lcc-pgs. Most students are also part of the SU mailing list: lcc-su. If you would like to email all Lucy students – for example, if you have any spare Formal Hall tickets – you may use the SU mailing list (append to obtain the email address). All emails are subject to moderation. However, it's usually best to use the Lucy Students Facebook group.

How do I add something to the SU newsletter?

Reach out to our Internal Communications Officer with your request and we'll be happy to consider it for the newsletter.

How do I separate Lucy emails from university emails in my Cambridge inbox?

Luckily, we have an IT expert in college who can answer this for you. If you would like to separate your Lucy Cavendish emails from your other emails, you can set filters for incoming mails. Log in to Hermes Webmail, go to Settings -> Folders and make a new folder called, for example, “LucyCav”. Then go to Mail Processing -> Filters and enter Filter on Sender: (or for all Lucy Cavendish mailing lists), Target Mailbox “LucyCav” and click “Add filter”. All emails from the selected addresses will from now on bypass your inbox and go directly into the LucyCav folder.