Lucy Cavendish SU Meetings


The SU hosts at least two open meetings each term, which all Lucians are encouraged to attend. Open meetings are your platform for expressing your views and opinions regarding the SU and its activities. If you want your voice heard and support our work – come along! The SU committee also holds at least two closed committee meetings, as well as two additional executive team meetings each term.

To raise something for discussion, please get in touch with a relevant officer or the internal communications officer who can help you put together a proposal.


All Lucy students who are members of the Students' Union are invited to open meetings. According to our constitution, we need to establish quorum by having at least 8% of our members in attendance - right now that means 30 people. Not establishing quorum means we cannot approve any proposals, and this is problematic not least because open meetings is the only place where we can approve proposals of more than £500, such as branded sweatshirts orders and common room alterations.

In other words: we need you there.


Open meetings are either held in the Histon Road or Paul Paget common rooms, or in the dining hall during Saturday brunch time.


Easter 2017 open meetings:

6th May - 11:00-12:15 - Histon Road common room
20th May - 11:00-12:15 - Warburton Dining Hall (brunch)

See our full events calendar here.

How do I contribute to the agenda?

Check out our FAQ for more info on this. The deadline to contribute to an SU agenda is always 12:00 noon three days before the meeting.

Deadlines for contributing to Easter 2017 open meetings:

3rd May - 12:00 noon
17th May - 12:00 noon