SU Non-Executive Election Candidates 2017

SU elections are just about to start, and we are delighted to announce that 17 Lucians are running for 16 positions, all manifestos attached.

A note on voting: Voting is easy, it's quick, and it really matters to us on the SU. Voter turnout indicates how many of you are invested in college life, which means it can give the candidates (and the SU as a whole) a more solid mandate. At the end of the year, our voter turnout will also be compared to other colleges, and we'd love for Lucy to have one of the strongest showings in the university. By voting, you show that you care and believe in us, and we hope we’ve been deserving of that so far. So please do give us your vote.


HUSTINGS with pizza and wine will take place SUNDAY 22nd at 8:00PM in Lucy Bar. Come to meet the candidates and hear them present their thoughts.

VOTING CLOSES on MONDAY 23rd at 5:00PM, with results announced shortly thereafter.





Access: Sioned Cox

Accommodation and Food: Ola Goclawska

BME Officer: Jessica Tan

Education Officer: Erica Cao

Ents Officer: Beth Flaherty

Green Officer: Annika Brouwer

International Officer: Julia Koziel

LGBTQ+ Officer: Laura McClintock

Library and IT Officer: Clémentine Laurent

Marketing and Development Officer: Rebeka Gaal - and - Shameera Nair-Lin

Sports and Societies Officer: Linnea Gradin

Welfare and Disabilities Officer (2 roles): Nat Abbott - and - Rebecka Nordenlöw

Women’s Officer: Alexandra Aldridge

Undergraduate Representative to Council: Julie Damborg

Graduate Representative to Council: Bianca Lepe