Punts and Impact

Impacted The SU committee wants to understand better the impact we are making in our college community over time, so please fill in this survey, it will only take one minute. We need at least 50 people filling it out in order to have a representative sample, and it can really help us work with the college and represent you better.

Something to be proud of? We are working together with the college staff to create a page showcasing student achievement and society participation on the College main website. If you are a society active or have won a prize, award, a scholarship or something similar, please tell us about it in the following template found through this link. 

Down by the riverside Lucy Cavendish SU is having a trial period (25.04.- 23.05.) in having punts on loan from our neighbour St. John's. Bring your uni car to the St. Johns back plodge, register your name and pay £5/h. The SU is supporting your punting adventure with £5/h, as the price would normally be £10. Night-punting also! 

Recycling is caring Our Green Officer Harry has placed a box in the Paul Paget room in which you can put pens you want to recycle. It's part of a scheme run by the Green Impact part of the counseling service. The pens are recycled but this also raises money for Centre 33, which provides mental health support and counseling for young people in Cambridge.