Easter Writing Group

The #Easter Writing Group# will have its first pilot session next Thursday May 4th 2017

Working on your dissertation, first/second year report or essays? Struggling alone on procrastinating forever to get some writing done? Need some peer support/pressure to put ideas in to paragraphs?  Our newly launched Easter Writing Group Initiative is specifically designed for you!

Different from the previous “shut up and write” project, the new writing group will incorporate an interactive element - we will start with a 5 minutes talking to your neighbors about your specific subjects and goals of writing for the next 55 minutes (e.g., come up with an outline, writing an opening introduction paragraph, revise an existing chapter etc. whatever it might be), and write, and repeat the circle…

We will kick off at 9 am in the morning and run throughout the whole day till 5 pm.  You are welcomed to drop in and drop out anytime based your own schedule and needs.  We will take breaks depending on how everyone feel (coffee, juice and some fruits will be provided!!!)

In addition to the grand ambition of helping everyone get some work done, this first pilot session is also intended to gather information and thoughts on how much there is a need (if any at all) for this initiative, and how to make it better to best serve the needs of Lucy students.  Please do come along if you think this is relevant to your interest (or not).

IMPORTANT: Please indicate your interest to come on the relevant Facebook event page so we will have an idea of how many people are coming to finalize the location (for non-Facebook users, please send a brief line to the organizer, your grad rep, Lu Liu at LL497@cam.ac.uk). We will send follow-ups on location and how to meet-up on the Facebook page and by emails.  Cheers!