Taking Care

A Careful Balance The exams are approaching and with them our stress levels rise respectively, so be sure not to burn out. It's not very pleasant, we think. To help you out the counseling service is hosting a couple of sessions before exams, seehere. Also CUSU welfare has put together a list telling where you can get help in the exam term, here.  

Spending a Penny? The SU committee has worked on new funding guidelines and drafted a budget for the Easter term. As we strive to be a transparent and inclusive community we have included both on our website, click here if interested. Password is the same as for the college website members' section. 

Identity Crisis We are happy to announce that the Lucy Ents and Lucy Bar have now new logos! Go check them out at their Facebook pages. The photos from the Bop on the Beach have been added on the Lucy Ents Facebook page

Remember Me The SU committee wants to understand better the impact we are making in our college community over time, so please fill in this survey, it will only take 30 seconds. We need at least 50 people filling it out in order to have a representative sample - still looking for people to complete this. 

O voter where art thou? According to our constitution, we need to establish quorum by having at least 8% of our members in attendance - right now that means 30 people. Not establishing quorum means we cannot approve any proposals. At our last open meeting we had an attendance of 15 people, but we would like to see more of you there - remember that you can also proxy vote.