Looking for a Bar Steward!

Lucy Cavendish College

Bar Steward

Taking on the paid role of Lucy Bar Steward means being at the center of the College's social life, in a leadership position. Formally speaking, the role of the Bar Steward is to ensure that the bar in Oldham Hall is open and running properly during term time, ensuring that College adheres to all aspects of Licensing Act 2003 and the College premises licence conditions as agreed by City Council. The Bar Steward's tasks can be broken down into social, strategic and administrative categories.

You will be expected to do some prep work over the summer, in order to be ready for Freshers' Week, and to organise bar training for any new students wanting to work in the bar.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 1st September, midnight, 2017. The College are currently recruiting two Bar Stewards, working jointly.

Social tasks include:

·      Help make the bar a welcoming and successful part of College life.

·      Administer Bops in collaboration with SU.

·      Liaise with Ents Officer and Student Union on planning and opening the bar.

·      Recruiting and training new staff on bar procedures and arrange for new staff to have Licence training with Domestic Bursar and to fill in appropriate forms for Bursary.

·      Practice team work and delegation with the second Bar Steward.

Strategic tasks include:

·      Ensure short-term bar profits and promote long-term growth.

·      Attending and influencing all SU meetings. The Bar Steward does not have the capacity to vote in closed committee meetings.

Administrative tasks include:

·      Produce staff rotas to cover opening times.

·      Rotate stock and make sure bar is not overstocked and no stock is out of date.

·      Ensure PRS form is completed termly-check diary behind bar for events which need to go on form.

·      Ensure bar and bar area is kept clean and tidy.

·      Apply to Council for bar opening hour extensions (Council meets fortnightly).

·      Adhering to all College premises conditions.

Required skills:

·      Previous experience of bar work (essential).

·      Time to carry out duties and academic work.

·      Management skills and/or potential.

·      Enthusiasm for College social life.


The Bar Steward position pays £50 per term, plus 2 extra hours for admin work per week. The admin hours will be split between two Bar Stewards. You would also be paid for any bar shifts you take on, starting from £29.9.

How to apply:

Applications should be sent in via email. Please include details about your previous bar experience, and a short paragraph with the following: 1) what experience and skills you would bring to the role, 2) your personal motivation for applying, and 3) how you plan to run the bar, along with any ideas you have for making it a fun and relaxing place that students will use.

Send you application via email to our Domestic Bursar, Christine Houghton.