The SU Committee and Easter Term

This term the committee continued to make alterations to the common room, which will be completed in the beginning of the Michaelmas term. We would love to have some feedback, although most of things are still on their way! Grad suppers have been hosted by the amazing Lu Liu. The committee has also improved budgeting and investigated the possibility of student subscriptions, our Finance Officer going out of her way to have a firm grip on the finances. There was a successful offer-holders' day, and we have received much enthusiastic feedback from keen to-be freshers! 

Some new things that we introduced were a new meeting and voting structure, which has lowered the meeting running times by a staggering 60% and raised the open meeting voting participation from 5 to 10,5%, something that we hope to continue to improve. One open meeting was held at Histon Road in order to improve inclusivity for the students living off-site. There were the writing sessions by Lu, which gathered a lot of positive feedback. 

We have made efforts to develop the visual appearance of the SU and to improve the flow of information. In the beginning of the term we launched the new SU websiteand a newsletter, and later on the Lucy Bar and Lucy Ents were rebranded on Facebook. We have also collaborated with Kate Coghlan for communication things, and helped to arrange the garden party. 

Some particular wins for the SU are the Ents team raising the profile of the college - alongside of producing incredible events for everyone. At the Bop on the Beach there were queues around the corner and there is a whisper going around that Wolfson cancelled their bop in order to be able to come to ours. The Take a Break sessions brought to you by Tildy and Leigh were enthusiastically received, everyone loving the free ice cream and a moment for relaxing. 

The committee decided to give the officer recognitions of this term (based on our weekly updates and are only given to non-execs) to the Welfare Officer Tildy Stokes and the driving force of the Ents, Stine Holm. Tildy took time to host weekly welfare sessions, including yoga and relaxation which was sorely needed and appreciated in exam term. She has been and continues to be a friendly face around the college that deliberately helps to spread calm and enjoyment. Tildy also hosted Take a Break sessions with the previous Senior Tutor, liaising with college to make sure they would fund and appreciate such events. Stine hosted bops, including the one which had people still queuing 15 minutes before the bop was scheduled to end. She also dealt very quickly and professionally with a sexual assault complaint about bop security and changed security providers in a just a day before the bop. Stine also helped to plan and facilitate student involvement in the garden party, and has kept up our relationships with other colleges. Both Tildy and Stine stayed involved and engaged when exam term was at its most demanding. 

The next step for the committee will be the Freshers' Week, which means that a funding proposal will be electronically distributed. Do keep the feedback coming, we have really enjoyed this term despite all the exam term madness, and look forward to the next year!