SU Non-Executive Elections 2018



Access: Sofia Elvira Persson

I’m Sofia, a first year Human, Social & Political Sciences Student with a major interest in access work. I want to share my experience here with as many different and interesting people as possible and encourage people to come here and thrive!

Ultimately Lucy is the people who study here.

Together with others who share this ambition to enthuse people to come here and become a part of an open, versatile and interested community, I want to contribute with my experience from work with access and education. Ultimately Lucy is the people who study here – therefore I want to make sure Lucy is a place where we can learn from the diversity in each other’s experiences, where we can thrive in our differences and where all experiences are equally valuable. Let’s be the kind of place people with all backgrounds want to be a part of.

Sofia Elvira Persson

My Summary Proposal


I am going to put together a Lucy Access Team that will work to target people from unconventional backgrounds, meet them, and stay in touch with them throughout their journey to become future Lucians.


I am going to collaborate with other access-promotors and with the college officials involved with admissions to ensure that everyone is aware of the massive and mutual victories that diversity in access brings about.


I am going to encourage current Lucy Students to share their stories about how they got here and by sharing them with potential future Lucians I hope to help more people picture themselves here.

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BME: Shay Aziz

Hey, I’m Shay. I’m a British Bengali Londoner, having grown up in the mean streets of East London and somehow found myself at Cambridge. I am very proud of my heritage and believe whole-heartedly in creating Cambridge to be a place where BME students do not have to feel like outliers, but rather, in a community that cherishes us for who we are and celebrates in our diversity.

To introduce chicken seasoning.

Yes, we need to introduce some seasoning to Lucy. There is a world beyond salt and pepper. Lucy should be an environment that acknowledges our backgrounds beyond just filling in a diversity quota. I want to make Lucy a part of my cultures, our cultures, whatever they may be. Diversity exists, yet, for diversity to really work in practice, as BME students, we must create an open dialogue with non-BME students. I want to do this by hosting events and discussions that seek to do just that. Where having cultural specific events that everybody is a part of becomes the absolute norm. Where we create a Cambridge that represents us.

S. Aziz

My summary proposal


Coming from a BME background can feel quite isolating and daunting in Cambridge. You may feel like you have to change who you are in order to feel accepted in such an environment. Yet, surely it is our differences that make this college and this university so wonderful. We should not have to compromise our identity and feel that we must confirm to some idea of what the traditional ’Cambridge Student’ is. I will work with the access officer to create an environment that advocates for BME students to place their touch onto Lucy and what the college stands for.


To host events in each term that celebrate our cultures. Think dinners with traditional foods, international movies, cultural celebrations such as Diwali or Eid. The purpose is to include the whole Lucy community in our wonderful traditions and perhaps liaising with other BME officers to host similar events. Voice To create a platform for BME Lucians to speak up and have their concerns not only heard, but promptly dealt with. I will introduce a BME network where BME students can get together and discuss any issues at hand, and we can host these discussions in various locations around Cambridge: bars, cafes, restaurants, you name it.

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Ents: Jerene Anderson

Hello Lucians!

My name is Jerene and I am running for the position of Ents Officer alongside Shay.

Some fun facts about me are: I’m a Twin, Gemini and Left-Handed Pesci-Vegetarian who loves to sing and smile :)

Put Lucy Cavendish College on the University Social Map!

I’m passionate about being part of the Ents Team. We have some ideas for future Ents! From a 24-hour charity karaoke-thon to bringing back Porters Appreciation Day. 

My past experience: Former Ents Officer (June Event 2013, Formal Hall Swaps, Themed Bops). I organised and promoted events ranging from corporate events (karaoke for Haiti, CEO cookoff), charity events (talent show for GOSHCC, Daytrippers, Crisis at Christmas), business launches to casual events (london nightclub promo, dinners at members’ clubs).

My unique events experience, proposals and genuine love for Lucy Cavendish College (and all members of this wonderful college) will allow me to be a worthwhile member of the Ents team.

Help make Ents a Dream Team by voting for JERENE (yes it rhymes!)  

Thanks for reading!

My proposal/goals:

  • Maintain the high standard of Lucy events in the past.

  • Introduce events like: band nights, relax n’chat, formal hall swaps, Potlucks, speed dating and charity events.

  • Promote Lucy events university wide so that we are known in the wider university bubble

  • Introduce college events that are suitable for all Lucians from those who enjoy parties and drinking to those who like more low-key events.

  • Work with local businesses to keep Ents costs low and meet college environmental (green) goals.

  • Being friendly and open so that Lucians are encouraged to present events ideas for collaborate

  • Raise money for the Lucy SU by charging non-members £1 entry to bops.

  • Liaising with SU committee and staff to ensure the smooth running of events.

  • An SU events calendar/newsletter detailing events that are planned for the term and sending it out via email to Lucians.

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Ents: Gosia Nguyen

Hi! I’m Gosia, a first year Physics PhD. When I don’t do science, I enjoy Halloween planning, road tripping, eating cheese and exchanging cat pictures. I absolutely love bringing joy to people’s lives and since I don’t like being in the spotlight I prefer to do it from the backstage. This is why I want to be your Ents Officer and make sure there is always something going on to relieve the stress: from big nights out to quiet snack-and-movie evenings or Prosecco afternoons.

I want to remind you that life comes first!

People are by nature social beings; however, when we find ourselves buried in an overwhelming pile of work and responsibilities we tend to forget that. I want to help SU (especially Welfare) to create an inclusive atmosphere and organise a wide range of entertainment, so that regardless of your workload, interests and budget you could easily find something for yourself. Obviously, Ents is mainly defined by people’s needs, so I will try to establish a smooth communication line between the students and the SU by nagging you with questions, polls and encouraging you to get creative with me. With me as your Ents Officer, you can always suggest even the most ridiculous event/activity, since there will always be someone willing to do it with you (usually at least me)!

Gosia Nguyen

My Summary Manifesto

Bop, bop, bop!

During my first days at Cambridge I’d been repeatedly told that ‘Lucy bops are legendary’, which filled me with enormous pride even though at the time I didn’t know what a bop was. I’d like to keep up with the amazing work the previous Ents Officers have done and maintain the reputation!

Inter-college relationships

Colleges are undoubtedly the hubs of social life at Cambridge and I want to give you the opportunity to explore as many as possible! I will focus on strengthening the relations with other colleges by organising formal swaps, college bar crawls and other inter-collegiate events.

Ents for Postgrads

I understand that the needs of graduate Lucians (especially part-time students or living in private accommodation) might be different than undergrads. I want to extend the activity of ents to cater for these needs. Let’s make Lucy open to your partners, research groups and course friends! Even more importantly, let’s not limit fun only to term time and take an advantage of the beautiful Lucy grounds during the summer and holiday breaks!

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Ents: Estelle Anceau

Hi there! I’m Estelle Anceau, a 22-year-old Frenchie who is thrilled to have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study Linguistics, Translation and Comparative Literature in Cambridge for a year, as part of the Erasmus programme. I really want to make the most of my time here, and what better way to do that than by getting involved in the college student union?  Furthermore, I love the idea of being part of a team: together we can do so much more! And of course, the more the merrier.  I am a big fan of board games, sitcoms, travelling, and always in for a good laugh. You should maybe know that Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor but I’m pretty sure I belong in Hufflepuff.

Work hard, play hard, and long live prosecco!

These are not necessarily words to live by in all circumstances, but I strongly think that uni life should be a perfect blend of serious studying and fun federating moments. That’s where the Entertainment Officers step in, and that’s where I want to make my contribution to the thriving social life of our college. I’ve always been very keen on meeting new people and organising social gatherings — with a glass of wine, more often than not, I’m French, after all! I decided to apply to be an Ents officer because I believe that there is nothing more important than being comfortable in your living and working space, and with the people that surround you, and I know for a fact that organising social events can be a big help for both of these things — that’s definitely why I felt at home right away when I got here!  As an Ents officer, I would do my best to make you want to go to the common room as often as possible, whether it be for a BOP, games, movie night or casual chatting, and I’d also strive, with the other Ents officers, to organise outings — with other colleges if possible — at your demand! Last but not least, I think that my ‘foreigner’ point of view could be an advantage for the Ents team, and I would love to work hand-in-hand with the International officer to plan further cosmopolitan events!

Entertainingly yours,

Estelle Anceau

My summary proposal

Apéro à la française

In France, the apéro (loosely translated into pre-dinner drinks) is kind of a big deal. I think that setting up apéros in the common room on a regular basis could help strengthen ties within the student community. And, I mean, drinks, cheese, crackers, and mini-vegetables, what’s not to love? (Non-alcoholic and vegan options would be available)

Table football tournaments!

With a couple of other girls, we noticed that the foosball table in the common room was a bit deserted and — slightly — damaged… A budget for a new table would be one of my proposals: that way, we could organise tournaments, which are really fun, I promise! And why not offer small prizes for the winners?

Cinema outings

I have talked with many Lucians who seem quite keen on going to the cinema more often — we could organise outings there, with likely discounts into the bargain!

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Ents: Shay Aziz

Hey, I’m Shay. I’m from East London and somehow made it into Cambridge.

I study HSPS and when I’m not drowning in essays, I like to do fun things.

Living in the hipster side of London has made me quite the expert in finding entertainment in the most unentertaining of places. We are known for turning rundown car parks into ’rooftop bars’ after all.

It’s Time for Us to Shine

Lucy is an incredible college with incredible women. It’s time we showcased ourselves with events that represent who we are. Fun, crazy(?), supportive, diverse, inclusive and laid back. Even that’s not enough synonyms to describe you all. I have met the most amazing women here and we all deserve the chance to have fun, in whatever form that may be. Whatever your poison, I intend to hook you up. With such intriguing stories and with women coming here from all walks of life, one thing that unites us all is this Lucy space, now, as your Ents officer, I want to make this space yours, to own and to claim in the way that inspires and empowers you most.


My summary proposal

Bops, Bops + Bops!

It’s time to put Lucy back on the map. I want to transform Lucy’s reputation and bops into something spectacular by collaboratiing with Jerene.

I have plenty of ideas, ranging from an ’Arabian Nights’ theme with shisha, belly dancing, transforming the college into a  gigantic souk, to ’Indian Summer’ with the decor of henna, the beats of the tabla drums and colourful scarves elegantly draping the stories that lies within.

My aim is to make our bops more influential, inclusive and themed. I have loads more ideas, whether it’s paying homage to a musical genre or person (think Michael Jackson’s Thriller with ghouls and zombie costumes) or region themed – Latin America, London etc, there will be something for everyone.

But What if I Don’t Like Bops?

I got you too. Ents doesn’t just mean alcohol and partying. I plan to organize garden picnics, coffee + chat – a safe environment for us gals to get together and discuss any issues/problems we are facing or to discuss our love for Ryan Gosling, games night, Camb excursions to cafes, brunchin, dinners etc, the list goes on and on and on...

Team Lucy

I want to gather a team. This is not a one-woman job. We will work together to make this the best year at Lucy, ever. Everybody is welcome to contribute. We can organize brainstorming sessions over wine/coffee every few weeks. The wackier the better.

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Green: Estelle Fuccellaro

I am a 21 year old French Erasmus student in English literature. I am very keen on getting involved in the Lucy Cavendish College life, on the green side.

I wish to be green leader because I believe unity creates strength and I would love to unite the forces! In ecological matters, it’s the little things that count and I am eager  to promote the little things.

I would like to be green leader because I have always been sensitive to ecological matters. I was ever so glad to see that the college was making efforts to be eco-friendly, and it’s definitely on the right track! I would love to contribute to the writing of this ecological history. I hope to pursue the route the college is already following. I have many ideas especially regarding the ways in which each of us can help make the college the greenest it can be!

Estelle Fuccellaro

My Summary Manifesto

Knowing is caring!

The first step is to promote the actions the college is already undertaking (compost bin…). The next step is to set up a workshop where everyone can share useful knowledge (gardening tips, DIY tips for everyday gestures such as simple sewing…).

Objective 0 waste!

I know that as a community, it is impossible toreach that goal and that waste will always be part of our daily life. Yet, we should have the highest goals possible in order to reach the highest point possible. To reduce waste, we could start by very simple gestures: limiting the use of paper cups in the dining hall. We can also work along with the gardeners who are very willing to give us a hand and set up a vegetable garden, a great way to share a meaningful experience with new people.

Act green, talk green!

Ecology encompasses much larger issues. I think having a monthly discussion on environmental matters could help go a little further down the green-path. 

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International Students: Oyin Johnson


  • I am an international student and lived with students from over 30 countries since I was 15

  • I’m an excellent communicator, passionate about bringing people together

  • I have experience in public relations and organisation


  • Lucy Cavendish, of course! Together we will ensure that Lucy Cavendish remains a thriving community of students from all over the world and people leave Lucy having made life-long friends from the other end of the earth


  • Create an International Student Guide with contributions from all students, to help avoid challenges of settling in which may be peculiar to international students.

  • The possibilities are endless for multi-national events from food and wine tastings to learning to pronounce people’s name or other more academic events to broaden our minds to other people’s experiences deliberately, not coincidentally.

  • Better Integration by exploring how International students can be better integrated into the fabric of Cambridge so they leave with a richer experience at the end of their degrees


  • Chairperson 6th Form Council, Prefect, Head of Guinevere house, Oswestry School (over 30 nationalities)

  • Public Relations, UoL Afro Caribbean Society (over 20 nationalities)

  • President Liverpool Dance Society

  • Head, Business Development- Nigerian Bar Association



Welfare and Disability: Annika Gompers

Hi! I’m Annika Gompers, an MPhil student in Health, Medicine, and Society from Boston, USA. Coming to a new place far from home, I immediately felt comfortable and supported at Lucy, and I want to join the SU as Welfare Officer in order to help this community continue to be so wonderful.

During my undergrad, I was part of some great communities and some not so great ones, and I’ve learned from my experiences what makes for a supportive space and how to bring that about.

I’m committed to making Lucy a place where we all feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, and valued, no matter what else is going on in your life at Cambridge.

I will do so through initiatives that foster companionship, and I will always be a friendly, listening ear for any concerns you may have about your own or someone else’s welfare. I am excited to work with Holly Curtis to make Lucy the best home away from home that it can be!

A. Gompers

My Summary Proposal

Study Breaks

Regular events on weeknights or weekend afternoons to take a breather from our studies and briefly de-stress with fellow Lucians, and of course, snacks.

“Lucy Compliments”

This would be an online way for Lucians to submit anonymous compliments or encouragements for each other that would then be posted through a Facebook account. So we can lift each other up in small ways!

Communication & Coordination

It’s often hard to keep track of everything going on across the university, so I would be sure to keep track of all the welfare-related events for you, and communicate them in user-friendly ways. Through flyers, concise emails, and easy-to-manage digests or calendars, I hope to make it simple to access all the relevant information and events about welfare at Cambridge.

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Welfare and Disability: Holly Elgood-Curtis

Hi everyone! I’m Holly and I’m studying for an MPhil in American History. I’d love to be your Welfare and Disabilities Officer for 2018/19.

Having just finished my undergraduate degree at York, where I was a member of my college JCRC – the SU equivalent – I really understand the need for strong welfare and pastoral support at university; whether that’s helping students with existing mental health difficulties, providing support through the all-nighters so many of us pull ahead of deadlines, or ensuring students with disabilities get the support they need to thrive. Students often de-prioritise their personal wellbeing when trying to balance everything that’s going on – it’s not good for us, not good for the people around us and something that I’m determined to address.

As Welfare and Disabilities Officer, I would go above and beyond to remove any barriers that prevent students from making the most of their time at Lucy.

While my manifesto focuses on mental health, sexual health and accessibility of accommodation, I have loads of ideas I’d love to implement. From looking into volunteering opportunities for Lucians to help others as well as help themselves; to ensuring college events are inclusive and accessible to all (such as comedy, poetry and open mic nights, where Lucians are able to show off their talents!); to working with other members of the committee to promote national awareness days. Plus, I’ll always find ways to provide lots of free food, particularly after Bops when we need to sober up!

Most importantly, I want to put YOU at the heart of what I do. I’d love you to make suggestions, provide any feedback and help implement ideas. I’m a really friendly, approachable person and will happily sit and chat with anyone, but will also include a form on the SU website for you to post any suggestions anonymously.

If elected, I’m really looking forward to working with the incredible women on the SU, as well as at Lucy more widely!

Holly xxx

My summary proposal

Mental Health

Provide workshops and training to staff and students.

Support for supporters: students with friends/family struggling with their mental health often don’t know how to provide that help, while also looking after themselves – make sure there are clear signposts to resources like Student Minds’ “Look After Your Mate”.

Raise the profile of existing mental health provisions, such as the twice weekly college counsellor and Nightline.

Help tackle academic stress with “Got your Back” initiatives such as mindfulness, guided walks, puppies in college and free late-night tea, toast and fruit during exam periods.

Sexual Health

Provide access to free contraception, sanitary products and STI testing kits.

Encourage CUSU to introduce a Sexual Health Advice and Guidance (SHAG) Week; promoting good sexual health practices.


Ensure appropriate accommodation allocation, so that those with any form of disability are able to live somewhere that best meets their needs.

Work with the Accommodation Officer to include a “maximum price” option in the initial room application, so that Freshers aren’t assigned housing they can’t afford.

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Women’s Officer: Kirby Fullerton

Who am I?

Hey there! I am Kirby Fullerton, an MPhil Gender Studies student here at Cambridge. Originally from the US, but having studied in the UK and South Korea, I am thrilled to be a part of the diverse and international student body here at Lucy Cavendish. Over the past month, I have met so many inspiring and brilliant women. These exciting conversations and interactions at various Lucy events have inspired me to run for the position of Women’s officer. I am a recent rowing recruit and love to bake.

How Can I help?

  • I would like the opportunity to support the aims and goals of other Student Union representatives, such as LGBTQ+, welfare, and international officers, to ensure that Lucy is a space where women from all backgrounds, identities, and abilities can flourish. I aim to be a supportive listener to all women within Lucy Cavendish, and am committed to positive progress for the betterment of women’s equality within Cambridge University, the UK, and the world.

  • Lucy Cavendish is a special place. I want to encourage an appreciation for the opportunity to be surrounded by amazingly brilliant women. I want to support knowledge sharing, and work to maintain a relaxing and exciting environment for women on campus.

  • Support and work with CUSU women’s campaign, as well as campaigns like the gender-neutral campaign. I want to challenge Lucians to have difficult and important conversations about the world, and become the most welcoming space we can be!

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Undergrad Rep to Council: Megan Lloyd


Positions with no candidates running:

  • Accomodation and Food

  • Development and Marketing

  • Education

  • LGBTQ+

  • Library and IT

  • Sports and Societies

  • Graduate Rep to Council