SU Executive Elections 2018

SU executive elections are upon us! To start us off, this post outlines everything you need to know about why, how and when to apply for an SU position.

The roles we have on offer are all executive roles, except for the addition of up to 2 Entertainment (“Ents") Officers:


The SU President’s responsibility is to oversee the running of the SU, including setting the strategic vision and direction for the group as a whole. The President incentivises any actions that need to be taken, such as promoting new societies and assisting committee members with all they need to fulfill their roles. The President, along with the Vice President, also has biweekly meetings with senior members of staff enabling quick resolution of any issues that might arise, and a proactive response to new initiatives. The President also sits on Governing Body. She is ideally someone who enjoys thinking big.

Vice President

The Vice President acts in an assisting capacity to the SU President, having an active part in most activities in and around the College. This includes attending regular meetings with the SU committee, and the Governing Body of the College, as well as maintaining links between the College and the wider Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU). The Vice President is ideally someone who enjoys networking with other groups in the university, and who thrives in a supporting role.

Graduate Representative

The SU Graduate Representative applies herself to creating a vibrant graduate college experience, working to integrate the student body. We have a Grad Rep to specifically represent grads' interests, and this is because the college is a majority graduate community, but it is important to remember that all SU committee positions are open to any student in the college (grads and undergrads alike). The grad rep is ideally someone who enjoys deep learning about people’s needs, and who believes in an equal college experience for all.

Internal Communications Officer

The Internal Communications Officer is in charge of the internal communication of the SU. This includes things like compiling and sending out the SU newsletter, maintaining the SU website, sending out agendas and keeping minutes in meetings. She keeps everyone in the loop by keeping the intel flowing. The ICO is ideally a person who loves connecting ideas and people.

Finance Officer

The role of Finance Officer primarily involves keeping the accounts, advising on expenditure, utilising and guarding the SU bank cards and cheque book. She thrives on helping ideas come to life by planning for a responsible allocation of resources, and supports societies in College. Ideally, the finance officer enjoys a structuring information, helping the SU President (and others) to maintain a sober overview of what the SU can afford.

Entertainments ("Ents") Officer x2:

The SU ents officers are responsible for hosting a series of events that make Lucy a more exciting and social college. They are responsible for the strategic development of the SU’s event planning, and work closely with college to implement their ideas. They are also responsible for developing relationships with other college’s MCR and JCR events officers, working to plan joint events them, including (but not limited to) formal swaps. They attend relevant college and SU meetings, including the majority of SU events and formal swaps, as well as SU closed and open meetings, and give fortnightly updates to the committee. It is primarily an operational role. In the Easter round, ents officers are particularly involved in hosting Freshers’ Week - the most important annual event in the SU calendar.Ents officers are ideally “go-getters” who are happy to take initiative and drive projects from start to end, with the President’s help.

Some benefits of joining the SU:

• You join a tight-knit social team, working together to make meaningful changes to the college

• In this way, you create the student experience you wish you had

• You make personal connections with the many impressive fellows and staff in college, widening your network for the future

• Needless to say, you earn significant CV points by taking on a leadership role, and we will help you quantify your success

• If you run for an executive position (all but Ents), you will be placed at the top of the room ballot, meaning you can choose virtually any college room to stay in during the next academic year

How to apply:

1. Decide what role you want to go for, and feel free to reach out to anyone on the SU for more advice

2. Get consent from your tutor or DoS to run (this is a formality for executive positions - not required for Ents officers)

3. Put together a manifesto outlining your ideas for the role (template is available here, please write to us if you are unaware of the members' password:

Send your manifesto to the current SU President.

4. Present your manifesto at the SU hustings (with pizza and wine) - please note that Hustings has now moved from the 14th to the 15th of February, at 6pm, in the common room

5. Cast your vote and await results!


The last day to submit your manifesto and nominate yourself is Monday 19th Feb, at 12:00 noon.

Let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing your manifestos!