Executive Officers

Here is the executive committee of the SU, a set of positions that must be filled for the SU to run effectively. Executive elections are held in Lent term each year.


Emma hopkins: co-President

Hi! As your co-president, I am committed (and super excited) to maintaining the high standard of student wellbeing. I can't wait to implement new as well as fun student initiatives focusing on welfare in college. I feel it's important that we remember to take a break once in a while so we can enjoy our studies. Read more

Emma sims: co-President

I'm a second year affiliated student studying HSPS, having completed a degree in English Literature at Durham University before coming to Cambridge. I’m looking forward to working on welfare in college, launching new student initiatives related to sexual health, therapy through literature, access to counselling, and decolonisation of the curriculum. Read more

Anne Sauviat: Grad Representative

 Read more

lily delimata: INTERNAL COMMS

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rebeka gaal: Finance 

Hi there! My name is Rebi and I am a first year Land Economy student. I grew up in Budapest, the pulsating capital city of Hungary, where life does not stop for a second. Read more