Executive Officers

Here is the executive committee of the SU, a set of positions that must be filled for the SU to run effectively. Executive elections are held in Lent term each year.


Ida Svenonius: President

I’m a second-year HSPSer from Sweden, with a background in filmmaking and communication. I am excited to be setting a new direction for our SU this year, mainly working towards the vision that all Lucy students feel connected to and proud of our college. Read more

Salma Elnagar: Vice-President

I'm a Psychological and Behavioural Sciences student, who completed a degree in Philosophy before I come to Cambridge. Aside from philosophising and studying brains and behaviour, I enjoy painting, playing music and... Read more

Lu Liu: Grad Representative

Lu Liu is a first year PhD student at the Institute of Criminology, studying hostage-taking activities by terrorist groups. In her spare time, she enjoys playing... Read more


I’m a second year English student, flown here from Finland. I tend to spend a lot of time directing crazy theatre productions, but you can also find me trying to... Read more

Yan-Chuan Ng: Finance 

My name is Ng Yan Chuan and I am a second-year law student from Malaysia. Before coming to Cambridge, I took a twenty-month gap year to... Read more