Ultimate Frisbee

Do you like running? Do you like throwing things? Do you like running while throwing things at people or having things thrown at you? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then Ultimate Frisbee is for you, and at Magdalene, our team - the New Thundercatz - now have a larger presence than ever before.

Ultimate is a fast-paced, exciting team game played with a flying disc and no referee, depending on the friendly spirit of the game to settle disputes according to the rules. The offensive team attempts to pass their flying disc up a roughly 100-metre pitch, aiming to have a player catch it inside an “end zone”. The defensive team attempts to mark players and block or intercept the disc, resulting in a change of possession in which this team will now attempt to attack the opposing end zone.

With no shortage of scope for strategy and skill alike, Ultimate is a game that is easy to learn but perhaps impossible to master. Many spend years practicing that perfect long-range throw, others just enjoy diving on grass for a crucial game-winning catch.

Most people are new to Ultimate, resulting in a low-commitment, welcoming environment that is easily accessible to all. At Magdalene we have training sessions once a week and play a match every weekend in the college league, which has a competitive but friendly atmosphere. We are a multi-college team (currently with a Magdalene and Catz bias) and so are also a good way to meet people outside college. The team also regularly holds pub meets and other social events throughout term. Hope to see you at a training session soon!

Contacts (2016/2017)
Seán Herron (sth30)
Jackson Woodruff (jcw78)