Women in Politics

Women in Politics is a society without any particular political or ideological point of view, a place to debate about and work for the place of women in international and national activism and politics. Do women act differently when they want to make the world a better place? Why so? Should they change this behaviour? How best can we encourage them to take action?

The society focuses on two main themes:

  • Women in international politics, development, and peace process (with the most well known examples being the women having received the Peace Nobel Prize for instance, or women in international organisations)
  • Women in national and regional politics (women as MP, in government, involved in local politics, etc.)

The society aims to:

  • Organise events to get to know these women and their actions, their stories and fights (real speakers, movies, etc)
  • Organise discussions where we would debate if there is or not a difference between men or a women in politics and trying to understand better why some of us think so and what these differences would imply
  • Campaign for the actions of some societies implicated in the freedom of women to get politically involved and express themselves
  • Have conferences or presentations by students with experience in some aspects of the topics. Numerous PhD students at Lucy and in the rest of Cambridge work on the special role of women as activist, development actors or politicians, we could have sessions where they present their research subjects and then discuss with them.

Contacts (2016/2017):
Anaïs Le Moing (al818)